2021 Nissan Rogue | Fairfield, CT

If you love the convenience of asking Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights and start brewing coffee automatically, now you can start your Nissan vehicle this way, too. NissanConnect® has been updated to incorporate convenient Alexa voice control features.

“Alexa, Start My Rogue”

Nissan has been a pioneer in working on in-car AI connection with Amazon since 2017. The new Connected Vehicle Skills API for Alexa allows Nissan owners in Fairfield to control basic vehicle functions through voice commands, such as starting the engine.

The Rogue SUV and other Nissan models available at Paul Miller Nissan from the 2016 model year forward have compatible NissanConnect® Services and can use this feature, which allows you to tell Alexa to start your Nissan car or unlock it.

Immediate updates

Need software updates for your NissanConnect® operating system? They’re available immediately over the air thanks to Alexa.

 You can even program Alexa to work with multiple Nissan vehicles your family owns, so you can give each vehicle a name, such as “Rachel’s Rogue” or “Tom’s Titan.”  Access NissanConnect® from a smartphone, smartwatch or computer to establish these personalized profiles.

Nissan and Amazon are working together to make the lives of Nissan owners easier and more convenient with seamless integration. To get a vehicle with this convenient technology, bring your family to Paul Miller Nissan in Fairfield, Connecticut, and check out Alexa in the Nissan Rogue SUV.

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