2021 Nissan Rogue | Fairfield, CT

An arcade is a treat for the senses: bright neon lights draw you in for another round, the snacks you’re chewing on melt on your tongue, and a symphony of electronic beeps and bloops create an air of excitement.

New Partnership

Nissan’s latest partnership will have you questioning whether you teleported back to an afternoon at the arcade from your childhood when you hop into the cockpit of a new Nissan Rogue from Paul Miller Nissan.

Nissan Motor Corporation’s latest collaboration is with none other than the famous Bandai Namco Group, the iconic video game developer responsible for hits like Pac-Man. Bandai is known for cultivating rich sounds that are intended to evoke particular emotions and help guide intuition in its games, a skill Nissan was very interested in utilizing for the soundscape of the newest Rogue SUV.

Sound Design Engineer

Per Hiroyuki Suzuki, Nissan’s Lead In-Car Information Sound Design Engineer, the automaker aimed to utilize Bandai Namco’s sound design expertise to “make it easier to understand the information in the car and provide an emotional tone so that people feel the Nissan brand.”

Nissan Rogue

The partnership led to a library of new notification sounds emitted by the Nissan Rogue that are charming, not aggravating. A more positive tone of Nissan Rogue sounds can lead to less irritation behind the wheel and a calmer presence on the road when driving in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Test drive a new Rogue at Paul Miller Nissan today to hear the charming new sounds in person. You’re sure to feel like a kid again behind the wheel of the Rogue — for more than one reason!

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