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How to Use Amazon Alexa on Your Nissan Rogue in Fairfield, CT

If you love the convenience of asking Alexa to turn on the kitchen lights and start brewing coffee automatically, now you can start your Nissan vehicle this way, too. NissanConnect® has been updated to incorporate convenient Alexa voice control features. “Alexa, Start My Rogue” Nissan has been a pioneer in working on in-car AI connection …

Tips & Tricks

How to Prepare Your Nissan for Spring in Fairfield, CT

Spring has officially arrived in Connecticut, and we at Paul Miller Nissan are thrilled that it’s finally here. We love seeing the flowers bloom in Fairfield and the green leaves returning to the trees. As we head outdoors to enjoy the beautiful weather, it is important to remember to take care of your Nissan. Here …

Tips & Tricks

Keep Your Groceries Secure With these Transportation Tips

Taking your groceries home from the store may seem like an easy task, but it can lead to spilled food and damaged egg cartons if you don’t take the proper driving precautions. To avoid potential messes from your groceries, try out these transportation tips. Use durable containers Plastic bags are flimsy and can tear easily, …